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Find comfort for the season with


Support & practical tips for facing holiday challenges after loss

Held in person and online: 2-hour holiday event

What you’re feeling is normal

“Surviving the Holidays gave me insight into what to expect and strength to go on.”

Judith, event attendee

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Grief is harder around the holidays

Know how to deal with the challenges

Facing this season while grieving can sometimes feel like taking one step forward and two steps back. But like a trusted guide, a 2-hour Surviving the Holidays event will prepare you to navigate the season’s changes.

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Holiday traditions have changed 

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Social events are draining

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Sights, songs & smells trigger emotions

“There were practical ideas on how to navigate the season.” 

Meg, event attendee


Helpful strategies for coping

From trusted grief experts
“We can inadvertently put pressure on ourselves to do what other people think we should … but there’s complete liberty to say, ‘I can’t do that this year.’”

Julie E. Lowe, counselor

“It’s important to have a ‘family huddle’ at the holidays, so we’re all on the same page and know what’s important to whom.”

Mel Erickson, hospice social worker

“I always make one of my mom’s recipes. It keeps the memories alive, sparks conversation, and encourages those relationships to continue to grow and be healthy.”

Dr. Paul Tautges, counselor & pastor

What to expect

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Support when you need it

A safe, encouraging event where people “get” what you’re going through

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How Surviving the Holidays works

What happens at a 2-hour event 

Relatable video 

The event begins with a 35-minute video that will help you feel understood and encouraged, with stories of people who have found healing after loss and practical tips from experts.

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Small-group discussion

After the video, you will be given a safe, nonjudgmental space to share your experiences and feelings with the group—or simply listen. There’s no pressure to talk if you don’t want to!

Survival Guide

You will be given a Holiday Survival Guide full of tips on how to navigate the season, including coping with painful emotions, handling social events and traditions, and more. 

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The power of community

Other people understand

More than just practical tips, GriefShare Surviving the Holidays is a community of people who know what it’s like to walk through the holidays in grief. You will find connection and comfort in knowing you’re not alone this season. People who have attended repeatedly share how helpful this is.

“Knowing I was not alone—and that these people understood my emotions—was a powerful thing to experience.”

Andrea, event attendee

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You can survive this season

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Holiday events held in person or online

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